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Le Monde Instruments

Le Monde saxophones are the result of a collaboration between several European professional musicians, Blaasinstrumenten Import Nederland and an independent saxophone manufacturer in Taiwan. Le Monde saxophones have a distinct character. The use of special alloys and finishes guarantees the unique quality and sound of Le Monde saxophones. The 5 year warranty we give on production and materials shows how much confidence we have in our products. As official name holder of Le Monde saxophones we strive to meet your highest standards and expectations re. service and after sales.

Many semi-professional and amateur musicians have already decided to buy a Le Monde saxophone. Since its launch on the market 3 years ago hundreds of people have become satisfied Le Monde players.

Why a second line of instruments alongside the well known Selmer saxophones?
We would like to explain that to you! After extensive research we have found that a great many people love to spend their free time making music, but do not necessarily aim for the 'Rolls Royce' of the saxophone. In general people first try to find a second hand instrument, but unfortunately that is not always the right solution. The origin and the musical and technical qualities are generally matters of concern, notably when bought on the internet instead of through a reliable source. From experience we must say that if it seems too good to be true it probably is!
Let there be no misunderstanding: second hand instruments can be alright, but please do get some independent advice.

For those who are looking for the best quality at a reasonable price we have created Le Monde saxophones:
saxophones made from quality materials, with a very flexible character, flawless intonation and a superior sound. A trustworthy saxophone at a very good price. You can rely on BIN, as we have a reputation to uphold: for more than 14 years we have been importer of Selmer-Paris instruments, the most professional saxophone and clarinet brand in the world.

Important to know: Selmer and Le Monde do not have any connection at all. Le Monde is absolutely not a Selmer side brand. Selmer-Paris focuses exclusively on the top quality segment of the market. Selmer instruments are only manufactured in France, no Selmer instruments are produced 'under license'. Furthermore our instruments do not have any link with other Taiwan saxophone manufacturers at all.
Fortunately a great many retailers are convinced of Le Monde's qualities. You are welcome to visit any of the dealers mentioned on our website. There are three Le Monde versions on the market. Technical qualities of all versions are identical. The differences are the alloys and the finishes. You will find the descriptions under 'Global', 'Universal' and 'Satellite'.

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